Financial modeling: the games we play

Build it and insight will come. Our financial modeling process is a sophisticated tool for evaluating different financial strategies, but the fun starts when we play games with alternate what-if scenarios.

Identity theft: protect yourself
Identity theft - it's not a good thing. And it's becoming a more widespread problem than most people realize. Here are a few defensive tactics to consider.

Does happiness buy money?
Recent findings in "happiness economics" turn the classic question "Does money buy happiness?" on its head.

401(k) plans: tax shelter or tax trap?
A study from the Federal Reserve suggests that the exciting tax benefits of retirement plans may not be all that exciting.

Success in the Retirement Transition
Moving into retirement often involves some very important financial decisions. In particular, it’s a time to avoid making any big mistakes with your investments. The solution: effective risk management and a balanced approach.

Plan Backwards
Is your financial future too dependent on random events? Take a cue from military strategists and utilize an objectives-based approach to reaching your goals.

Five Questions That Matter
These are the five big-kahuna questions about financial planning that every person should consider.

The Play Zone
The fun, easy way to balance current lifestyle with planning for the future.

The Question of Long-Term-Care Insurance
The cost of LTC insurance has soared in recent years. Here are some strategies for getting a solid level of protection, while keeping costs under control.

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