The Psychology of Crisis-Market Investing

All investors can benefit greatly from a solid understanding of how investor psychology can affect their decision-making process.

Playing the Right Investment Game

Even when trying to be logical in our investing, it’s easy to get caught up in mental pitfalls that work against us. Make sure you’re playing the right investment game, the one that gets you where you want to go.

The Diversification Debate
When certain market sectors get hot, diversification can seem like a huge waste of time. But history offers many classic examples of the risks of chasing a hot asset class on the heels of big gains.

Dazzled by the Stars

The marketing machines at mutual fund companies kick into overdrive whenever their funds get the coveted "five-star" rating from Morningstar, Inc. But do these fund ratings really have any value in predicting future performance?

Disinhibition and Investment Risks

Ever notice how you speed up on an interstate when everyone else is driving faster? Read how herd psychology can affect your investment decisions, sometimes leading to costly lessons in risk management.

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